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If not do not despair a few easy steps will allow you start writing those UI tests in no-time. Since this post focuses on writing UI tests the app is rather simple but will show the basic steps required to write maintainable UI tests. The app under test is a basic app with an input field, a button and a button that displays the entry of the input field.

What is the purpose of the Xamarin test cloud

Xamarin is an open-source platform for building modern and performant applications for iOS, Android, and Windows with .NET. Xamarin is an abstraction layer that manages communication of shared code with underlying platform code. Xamarin runs in a managed environment that provides conveniences such as memory allocation and garbage collection.

Next-Gen App & Browser Testing Cloud

That is why more and more companies are shifting their focus to React Native due to the larger community and developer support. We discussed the pros and cons of using Xamarin as a reliable framework for cross-platform development, but you need to know what works best for you and your development requirements. There are no standard learning resources, and the documentation is incomplete. This is a big problem for developers, which negatively affects the quality and speed of their work.

All this shows that this platform has excellent performance, and everyone can trust it. Another thing that can be said about the reliability and value of this platform is that Statista has introduced it as the most widely used program. The platform’s work environment is well managed and offers memory allocation and waste collection services. Developers can share 90% of their applications on operating systems. This allows organizations to write their strategy and work logic in a single language and retain their native appearance.


Once a test run is finished, the Test Cloud dashboard will indicate the completed status and you can drill down to see the results from each of the devices. The first thing that you need to do is create a Test project and download the Xamarin.UITest and NUnit nuget packages. As you can see, there is one team created, and you are included in it.

Ensure exceptional user experience across all devices and browsers. In this Xamarin testing guide, we shed light on the different features and capabilities that the Xamarin platform offers. Testing is an integral part of validating the performance of any website before end customers use it.

How Airbnb adopted SwiftUI in our iOS app

All you need to do is to specify against which devices you want your tests to run. Now you know what are the frameworks, how to use the REPL console, and how to write tests and deploy them to Test Cloud. There is information about the number of tests (with results also) and devices on which these tests were launched. Once you have your application ready for tests, you can submit it to the Test Cloud via Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio. As you can see, we have to set “Platform” parameter to indicate on which platform we want to test the app.

What is the purpose of the Xamarin test cloud

These tests are very close to behavior-driven development methodology. The big advantage of using this framework is the ability to write the tests in a business language. Literally—anyone following grammar rules imposed by the Cucumber tool can write the tests. Functional tests cover the most important scenarios of the application use (so-called “user story”). Furthermore, functional tests are also used to analyze regression bugs. They verify whether implemented corrections and changes in the source code led to bringing back earlier bugs.

Quicker Development to Market-Time and Lower Maintenance Downtime

Such tests simulate various actions of the application user and its purpose is to verify the correctness of application operation described in functional requirements. The main objective of the Xamarin tools is the automation of the testing process and performing tests on a large number of different devices. In this blog post, we listed 7 of the best software testing tools that cover a wide range of test types such as load tests, network traffic analysis, unit tests, and more. These tools will help you insure that your app is stable and performs well before it goes live.

On the test cloud, the app is installed, and tests are executed on different supported physical devices. Frameworks used in Xamarin Test Cloud services cannot interact independently with mobile applications. This automation library is provided using the Xamarin Test Cloud agent.

Test Your App on Thousands of Devices

This is because they offer a number of benefits that traditional testing tools don’t. You can skip the development stages during tight deadlines.The community is expected to receive a lot of application updates from Xamarin. Xamarin comes with a compilation of tools like Xamarin.mac, Xamarin.insights and Xamarin.testcloud. Xamarin.Android applications also contain xamarin test cloud the Android Callable Wrappers(ACW) to allow Android to call into managed code. Xamarin applications can be written on PC or Mac and compile into native application packages, such as an .apk file on Android, or an .ipa file on iOS. B) Xamarin.iOS is used for developing Android applications, while Xamarin.Android is used for developing iOS applications.

  • All this package is given to you for free, and there is no cost for you.
  • In this blog post we saw how a UI Test based on Xamarin Test Cloud is created.
  • Since this post focuses on writing UI tests the app is rather simple but will show the basic steps required to write maintainable UI tests.
  • Security of the source code and application is a must thing that’s why security is listed in the priority action for all cross-platform developers.
  • For this reason, we are going to focus in this article on automatic UI tests.

With this tool user can type expressions and commands to test user interface. It allows us to explore the user interface and create the queries and statements so that the test may interact with the application. The Xamarin UITest is a framework based on the popular NUnit testing library, which enables developers to write tests in C#. Nowadays, mobile development is not only about creating apps by small companies or startups. Therefore, many different devices are in use—especially when it comes to Android. If you want to share your app with specific users, you can either use HockeyApp for iOS and Android or you can use TestFlight for iOS and the Google Play Store’s Beta program for Android.

Connect your repo, build your app. It’s that simple.

In the application testing process, interactive tests are also very useful, where during the test a tester’s action is needed. For this reason, testing the application becomes a very big challenge for the developer. AWS Device Farm is a cost-effective way to test your app on a wide range of physical devices. AWS Device Farm eliminates the need to provision and maintain a device farm, or to purchase expensive, hard-to-find physical devices.


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